Széchenyi István University’s Scientific Council

The University’s Scientific Council was established by the Senate and its main task is to coordinate the scientific activities of the institute and to form its scientific strategy. The President of the Council is the President of the University’s Doctoral Council; its members are the internal members of the University’s Doctoral Council together with a delegate assigned by each faculty and institute.


University’s Doctoral Council

Act CCIV of 2011 on Higher Education declares that doctoral training is the highest level among all university trainings, and the title of “Doctor of Philosophy” (hereinafter PhD) is the highest academic degree attainable at universities. The University’s Doctoral Council is the body organising, supervising and evaluating doctoral programmes on a regular basis.

Széchenyi István University operates three doctoral schools:

  •  Doctoral School of Law and Political Sciences
  •  Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences
  •  Regional- and Economics Doctoral School

On the basis of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee’s decision, our university is entitled to organise doctoral trainings, to carry out doctorate programmes with the aim of obtaining a scientific degree and to award doctoral degrees encompassing the following disciplines:

  •  Law and Political Sciences
  •  Economics and Management Sciences
  •  Regional Sciences
  •  Civil Engineering
  •  Information Technology
  •  Transport Studies

Habilitation Committee

Habilitation is the institutional adjudication of the candidate’s lecturing and teaching skills as well as scientific performance. In accordance with the related Government Decree the higher education institution is entitled to carry out habilitation procedures and award the title of Habilitated Doctor in the field of science, more precisely discipline or art form, in which it is authorised to adjudicate a PhD. It is the Habilitation Committee of the University that performs the tasks that need to be completed during a habilitation procedure at Széchenyi István University.