Year of Foundation: 2008

Head of the Doctoral School: Prof. Dr. Imre Verebélyi DSc. university professor

The aim and mission of the Doctoral School: In close cooperation with the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, the Doctoral School is committed to the national (and international) development of jurisprudence, improving the conditions of the personnel of the faculty together while keeping the university’s global good reputation. We also consider it essential to support the upcoming generation of highly skilled lecturers including the establishment of high-standard legal training in the long run.

Our doctoral training focuses not only on the classical jurisprudential topics but politics (e.g., Political Science and Administrative Science) also plays an important role in our research. Our doctoral training offers both theoretical and practical research topics. Moreover, it gives further assistance to the researchers providing them with an increasing number of methodological subjects to help them develop their capabilities and skills in carrying out research.

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