Knowledge Management Centre

The Knowledge Management Centre – established on 1 July 2009 – is a horizontal service provider unit of the Széchenyi István University. The centre develops services, that aim to quest of new research, innovation and technology transfer opportunities leaning on the research resources and competences of the university. Furthermore it promotes the university becoming a regional knowledge centre through the development of knowledge management processes and information systems of the university, and through an active economic and institutional partner treatment.

The role of the Knowledge Management Centre:

- Surveys, orders and publishes the competences and scientific activities of the university’s departments and colleagues into a database;
- Provides information and makes analyses from the scientific activity of the university;
- Surveys the economic players’ innovation demands and their needs for the university services;
- Generates research and innovation projects, builds partnerships;
- Quests for the intellectual products arising in the university, develops and manages intellectual product portfolio;
- Support technology transfer and the establishment of spin-off enterprises;
- Coordinates the scientific programs of the university;
- Organizes trainings, courses in the topics of innovation management in the interest of the generation, management and administration of scientific projects;
- Prepares national and international industrial analyses, makes novelty and market research;
- Collaborates and develops partnership with the innovation actors of the region, national and international trade organizations.



Széchenyi István University
Knowledge Management Centre
Dr. Tibor Dőry director
Address: Egyetem tér 1., Győr H-9026
Phone: +36 96/613-708
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