Mr. Ban Ki-moon's three-day visit in Hungary

H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations arrived to Hungary for a three-day visit on 17th April, 2011. On the invitation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Association of Hungary (UNA-H) Mr. Secretary-General addressed the Academia, the Presidium and the General Assembly of UNA-H, as well as representatives of students’ bodies and NGOs, at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) on 18th April, 2011.

Mr. Ban was welcomed by academicians József Pálinkás and Mihály Simai, presidents of the HAS and UNA-H, respectively. The UN chief was described as the “Smiling Secretary-General” by Professor Simai referring to Mr. Ban’s endeavours in drawing near civic initiatives to the work of the global organization. The 1956 Hungarian revolution, the systemic changes of the 1990’, the agenda of the current Hungarian EU presidency, and the protection of civilians affected by dramatic changes of Africa and West Asia, topped the subject of the Secretary-General’s speech, nevertheless he voiced his concern on the issues of climate change, sustainable development, marginalized people, international migration, economic crisis and consumption patterns as well as on peacekeeping operations.

In the context of the fourteen Hungarian Nobel laureates Mr. Ban appealed to the legacy of Count Széchenyi, founder of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Later at the reception held at the Club Restaurant of the HAS he met representatives of UNAI member, Széchenyi István University, bearing the name of the “Greatest Hungarian”, and honourably mentioned the alignment of higher educational institutes to the UN.

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